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September 1, 2009


Group Tours

All itineraries of our guaranteed departure escorted tours are available for exclusive groups on similar or different departure dates.
For groups we also offer study or special interest tours such as history, religious, cultural, sport, musical, etc. They are designed for seniors and youngsters, professionals and amateurs.
We may offer a tailor made tour specially designed to meet your individual needs and requirements.


It is for all people who want to change their lifestyle, to enjoy good health and natural beauty. Bulgaria boasts the unique opportunity to enjoy both SPA & Wellness programs together with many cultural, historical and hobby trips. It is one of the world’s richest countries in natural mineral water springs, spread widely and used since ancient times by Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Bulgarians. The Roman baths in Bulgaria are well-known in the ancient times with the fragrant oils, milk and honey.

The Bulgarian mineral waters are known for their greatly varied chemical composition and, respectively, their mineralization and type of dissolved mineral salts, curative gases and biologically active microcomponents. In fact, every kind of known mineral water may be found in the country. The firth mud sources along the Black Sea coast, the curative peat, spring curative mud and bentonite clays possess a particularly great potential in the treatment of many different diseases. Bulgaria occupies one of the first places in the world with the exceptional diversity of medical herbs and the excellent curative properties of its apian products.
The best known spa resorts are: Sandanski, Velingrad, Devin, Hisaria, Pomorie etc.
Nowadays, with the growth of tourism, in Bulgaria had been built up SPA and Wellness hotels at the seaside and in the mountain, operating with modern technologies as well as with the traditions of many years in the balneology.

The Bulgarian SPA and Wellness resorts offer you real spas with genuine mineral water with a variety of curative and relaxing characteristics. This natural resource is now combined with modern hotel facilities and highly qualified personnel. A variety of first class essential oils, rose petals, algae and minerals are added to enhance the effect of the healing waters and give full pleasure to your senses.

For more information, details on treatments, organizing of programs and prices please contact us!

Interjet provides deluxe coaches and minibuses equipped with the latest mechanical and technical progresses that quarantee a complete quality service and the confort for the participants of any events.
We offer:

Meeting delegates or speakers at the airport or other transit centers and transfer to hotels
Transport services according events programmes
Variety of transport such as deluxe coach, old buses, mini buses, cars, private limousines, old-timers, Hackney carriages, trains etc.